What Really Happens After We Receive an Investment on Dragon’s Den? At long last, our moment on Dragon’s Den had arrived. We pitched our business idea, faced the scrutiny of the dragons, and emerged victorious with an investment offer. But what happens next? As entrepreneurs who have experienced this roller coaster ride firsthand, we want to take you behind the scenes and share what really happens after receiving an investment on Dragon’s Den. Join us as we navigate through the highs and lows, the challenges and triumphs of post-investment life, and provide insights that will enlighten and inspire aspiring business owners. Welcome to our journey into the world of entrepreneurship, where dreams come true and risks are rewarded. Let’s dive in together and discover what lies ahead after striking a deal in the fiery den of the dragons.


Have you ever wondered what happens after entrepreneurs receive an investment on Dragon’s Den? We are here to unveil the truth and share our personal experience of making Dragon’s Den history by securing the biggest deal ever on the show. Join us as we take you behind the scenes of this thrilling journey and reveal the realities that follow.

We Made Dragon’s Den History by Getting the Biggest Ever Deal on the Show

The Dragons were astounded by our business proposition and gave us an offer we couldn’t refuse. Their investment catapulted us into the spotlight and pushed our dreams to new heights. We are proud to hold the record of securing the largest deal in Dragon’s Den history. This achievement has been a game-changer for our business and has opened doors we never thought possible.

We Met Steven Bartlett, Investor and Host of Diary of a CEO

After the cameras stopped rolling, we had the opportunity to engage with Steven Bartlett, one of the investors on the show and the host of Diary of a CEO. His insights, wisdom, and guidance have been invaluable in refining our business strategy and navigating the complexities of scaling up. Steven’s mentorship has given us a unique perspective and access to a wealth of knowledge in the entrepreneurial world.

After Going on Dragon’s Den, We Reveal the Truth of What Happens Next

Contrary to popular belief, securing an investment on Dragon’s Den is just the beginning of a challenging yet rewarding journey. While the adrenaline rush of making a deal on national television is undeniable, the real work begins afterwards. From negotiating terms and finalizing contracts to strategizing growth plans, we quickly realized that the real test starts once the cameras stop rolling.

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Receiving an investment on Dragon’s Den is just the beginning of a thrilling and transformative journey. We are proud to have made Dragon’s Den history with the biggest ever deal on the show, and we are grateful for the mentorship of Steven Bartlett. Join us in “The Luxe Circle” community and follow us on social media to stay connected. Shop our new stock daily on our website and be part of the sustainable luxury fashion movement. Together, let’s redefine the possibilities after Dragon’s Den.

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