Living in North Korea is… well, we don’t actually have any idea how it is. The most enigmatic country in the world is not too keen on sharing anything about the living situation in the country. So, the only information we have is either from the state-run media or from defectors who managed to cross the DMZ or escape from North Korea safely. Naturally, both portray a contrasting image of the lives of the millions in North Korea. As you can imagine, both are not entirely trustworthy sources of information. Still, with a bit of extra digging and cross-references, we can draw a rough sketch of how people live in North Korea is, and how the man in Charge, Kim Jong Un, is living a life of utter luxury while his subjects are, well, let’s just say, not as privileged. Here are ten instances where Kim publicly demonstrates his Godlike status in the so-called ”True Korea.”

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